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Attention to kitchen meat cutter

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Attention editor

1. Do not drill your hands into the blade to prevent accidental injury.

2. Place the blade in the kitchen table or other position to avoid the damage caused by the tilt.

3. After use, only wash the water with flowing water, and the cleaning is simple and convenient.

Everyone to have a meal, every food, however, often encountered in daily life ice frozen foods such as meat, and icefish, at the feast the chicken duck fish body big fish meat with bones, the greatly too forcibly with a kitchen knife, and easy to damage the blade. Cut with machete and axe, the opponent is very unsafe, noise is very big, the special city building is very loud, very uncivilized.

Use kitchen to cut machine, safe, light, noiseless, cut a piece of neat, every family is applicable.

Kitchen meat cutter is aimed at the modern life kitchen life cutting bone laborious and according to tradition.Guillotine design a product, mainly aimed at the household tool cutting bone trouble, easy.

It is designed to damage the edge of the blade, with a low effort and efficiency. Main application of products In response to the food that is difficult to cut in the kitchen, such as, chicken duck, ribs, 

leg bones and so on.Content.