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Kneading machine features

Edit:Guangzhou Zhengqili Trade Co.,LtdUpDate:Apr 04, 2018

Characteristics of the editor

1. Reduce labor intensity. Because this equipment adopts automatic feeding conveyor belt, and output devices, so the rolling MianPi, without artificial toss pasta, completely freed the intensity of labor is the main link, easy to operate, and has greatly increased the production efficiency.

2. Eliminate hidden dangers. The automatic feeding and output device of the conveyor belt will separate the operation area of the dough and the kneading operation area by hand, eliminate the hidden danger and guarantee the safe production.

3. Efficiency ratio is significant. Because the machine adopts the patented technology of double roll rolling, the structure is simple, the maintenance is convenient, the production efficiency is higher.

Kneading machine is a supporting equipment for noodle processing. It is an independent patent equipment developed and developed by our factory according to market demand. The kneading dough has good elasticity, large reinforcement, and the contact with the material is stainless steel, rust-proof and durable, clean and hygienic, it is the necessary equipment in the catering industry and catering industry.

This machine is suitable for noodle processing, pastry and bread food industry. Simply place the dough on the conveyor belt, and then automatically transfer, knead, press and fold. It reduces the contact number of human hands and machines, does not need to be put on the surface, eliminates the safety hidden danger, and reduces the labor intensity of the workers.