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The cleaning method of the oven

Edit:Guangzhou Zhengqili Trade Co.,LtdUpDate:Apr 04, 2018

1. If you want to clean the household electric oven, remove the power plug first, and then clean it after its complete cooling.

2. Clean the grill and roasting pan. Make sure to use a neutral detergent.

3. Avoid the use of hard, sharp and corrosive cleaning materials, and the non-coating of the baking sheet is fragile.

4. Clean the inside of the oven and wipe with a soft wet cloth.

5. Use a soft cloth with some detergent to clean the surface of the household electric oven.

6. When cleaning, do not drop the water into the oven so as to avoid the danger of damage to the internal components or right leakage. Do not immerse the electric oven in the water.