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Commercial Deck Oven

Edit:Guangzhou Zhengqili Trade Co.,LtdUpDate:Jul 03, 2018

Gadali deck oven has been one of the best choice for those that do not want to renounce traditional baking techniques and require the highest possible levels of product quality.


Through continued evolution, we have developed models with unmatched flexibility that has paved the way for top quality production of a variety of products and sizes.

Follow deck oven is one of our good models. It has 2 decks, total can brake 4 trays in one time. Trays size is 40*60cm.

荣麦电2x4烘炉 (1).jpg

As a professional deck oven, it has a control panel which can provide multifuntional and accurate settings. we can set different temperature not only between different oven chambers but also top and bottom in one oven chamber.  4 caster wheels for easy mobility.


Because of the multi-surface thermal design of our deck oven, it has has a plurality of closely spaced cooling holes on the oven sides and the bottom. Exhaust heat quickly and effectively to maintain a reasonable chassis temperature to avoid damage to the body and prolong life.




Glass doors of our deck oven are eflective insulated, can clearly see the whole bakery case. The caster wheels for easy mobility.


In a bread shop, it usually has a professional and commercial deck oven to make the bread which not only can make delicious breads and meet the requirement of the customers but also can save the time and the cost.