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Convenient Electric Fryer

Edit:Guangzhou Zhengqili Trade Co.,LtdUpDate:Aug 01, 2018

Fried chicken has always been a favorite food for people.We may just as well buy a fryer machine to cook some

tasty food and spend the good time with family and friends .


Now let's take a look at our electric  frier OT-81.

OT-81 stainless steel deep frier suit to heat different food with different temperature shift,like chicken wings, chicken steak,deep-fried beef steak,and so on.It's first choice for fried food in Hotel,restaurant and home application.


Dimension: 290*460*310 mm

Voltage: 220V 50hz

Power: 2.5 kw

N.W: 4.6 kg

Temp range: 50-190 ℃

Basket size:18*21*10 cm

Capacity: 6L 



There is some useful tips     

  1. clening:Open the door,close the oil drain valve,use hot water with cleanser to wash

the fry pot.

Then open the oil drain valve to drain away water,wipe-dry the pot.Then close the oil

drain valve,unscrew the oil pope's nut, take out the oil tank and pour out the water.

2.Latch the lid before frying.Before open the fryer lid,make sure that there is no

 pressure in the fry pot, that means the pressure gauge shows"0".After 10 second,you can 

open  the fryer machine lid to avoid explosion for the pressure.


3.Please remember cut off the power if the machine is not working in order to avoid

 explosion due to the wrong operation.

Thank you for reading!