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Gadali’s Dragon Boat Festival

Edit:Guangzhou Zhengqili Trade Co.,LtdUpDate:Jun 19, 2018

Yesterday was China’s Dragon Boat Festival, did you eat Zongzi?

At the eve of the festival,  our company gathered together to have a feast which we call Dragon Boat Meal to celebrate it. This is one of the important   traditional festival in China.


Look at those exquisite food.They were made meticulously by the chefs. In order to keep the food fresh and hot before eating, the chef usually cook several different dishes at the same time. For different dishes with different demand, so the chef and restaurants usually need one set of the combination oven.

The configuration of the combination oven can be flexble according to the required fuction modules, such as the burners of the gas range or the power source of the oven. For the sizes of the combination oven, restaurants can choose 700 series or 900 series. Like the design as follow.

Not only for the cooking equipment, some kitchen also have worktable refrigerator or worktable with sinks.When restaurant has one set of combination oven, cooks can cook more different dishes for customers.