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How To Choose A Good Supermarket Chest Freezer?

Edit:Guangzhou Zhengqili Trade Co.,LtdUpDate:Jul 13, 2018

In the market, there are many supermarket chest freezers with different specifications, designs and even different prices can be chosen. Those choice are dazzling. So if you are chosing a supermarket chest freezer, which standard can help you choose the most suitble and most energy-efficient supermarket chet freezer? Let us take the following supermarket chest freezer as a reference.


Firstly, the freezer must has a large enough capacity. That should be according to the stock quantity. If the freezer is for commercial use but the store is small, we can choose the small capacity, such as 139L chest freezer. If you use the freezer for the supermarket, you can choose a bigger size, 200L to 1000L we both have. 299L capacity is very popular.

For the doors of supermarket chest freezer, we can choose glass doors or not. If you choose the door with airbag door gasket, it can better to keep cooling. If you choose the glass doors, the freezer can show the food more clearly but not need to open the doors.


In the market, many of freezer can be set the temperature range. you can choose according to the food that you need to keep cooling. For delicatessen, the range should be about 0~10°C. For ice cream or fresh meat, we can choose -20 ~ -5°C. The lowest temperature of our supermarket chest freezer can be set is -20°C, it can always keep the ice cream or fresh meat cooling. 

Of crouse, you should chose the environmentally friendly refrigerant which has better cooling effect. For example, the refrigerant of our chest freezer is R600a. 

Our supermarket chest freezer also have lock system and have 4 universal casters. When you leave out, you can lock it, so it is safe. And you also can move it to everywhere that you need.

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