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The Independence Of Baked Goods

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From the production of catering industry, there are two main parts: one is the cooking of dishes, the industry is called "red case"; One is the production of pastry and baking products. The industry is called "face case" or "white case". This constitutes the whole production and operation business of the catering industry, and the two parts are closely related, cooperating and inseparable. For example, Fried chicken fillets and bread, cheeseburgers, cheeseburgers and breads are inseparable, otherwise they will not be featured. In particular, the combination of the main meal, the combination of the side food and the dessert at the feast all reflect the connection between the two parts, so baking is an indispensable part of the catering industry. But the production of baking products also has relatively independent, it can leave the dishes cooking and separate operation, such as specialize in baked products are everywhere in a fast-food restaurant, a bakery, snack, cake shop houses, etc.

Nutritional value

Baked goods are necessary for people's life. It has high nutritional value, and it is suitable for both bread and cake. In addition to traditional baked goods, in recent years, there has been a strengthening of nutrition, focusing on the health function of baking products. For example: buckwheat health cake, spirulina, high-fiber bread, whole wheat bread, bread, full nutrition, calcium can be either before or after meals as tea taste, but also as a staple food to eat, meet a variety of different needs of consumers.

The characteristics of

Baked goods, especially some pastries, have long been popular among people, and have become a big sales volume in the catering industry. Especially in some large and medium-sized cities, it is a necessary food for people to travel and celebrate holidays. Predictably, with the deepening of the reform and opening up, with the improvement of people's living standard and the quality of baking products to improve and increase in the number of varieties, baking food industry in China no matter in production, production technology, quality, and mechanization, automation will have a greater development.

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